by - Monday, May 25, 2015
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What I love about this stage in Nadia's life is that we're never short of activities we can do together. I thought those will be gradually wearing off and her independence would call loud and clear from not afar but there are still moments and things company of others is most needed -- to explain something or just cut the stubborn bit of paper because with sprinkles she's perfectly fine on her own. It was a sunny afternoon, we read a bit, ate and rested so finding another thing to do before going to bed was easy - we love princesses as much as we love drawing them. Add some twine, drinking straw and we made ourselves our own hanging decorations. Or puppets if the day is still young enough to put on a show. The whole project is easy like my morning routine - draw or cut out a shape of a doll/hero/even your own photo, cut and glue a piece of straw onto the finished doll, intersperse a piece of twine through it, attach hands and legs and voila! Done and amazed. The final product can be as weird or simple as you wish, I have a vision of creating Halloween decorations with their limbs hanging spookingly and throwing harmless looks in pairs or individually. Imagination is the boss here and we've been blessed with a really efficient one.

paper dolls, drawing, princesses, paper project,
paper dolls, learning, doll hanging, blonde doll,
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drawing, art supplies, girl drawing,
girl drawing, arts and crafts, we draw, we colour,
paper doll, paper decoration, arts and crafts,
Enjoy the week, friends!

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