by - Tuesday, May 05, 2015


Vertbaudet mixed with Boden and sprinkled with H&M rubber boots
Every season before 2015 and most definitely after 2009 those wardrobe sliding door would never entirely shut. You'd push and tuck but the amount of frills and pleats did stick out hysterically which with sliding door can look as ridiculous as one wants to see it. School days were far ahead, brochures with kids clothing lines kept landing on our doorstep waiting for the first opportunity to get through the dispatch process so that Nadia not only was blessed with a closet of number of items she's still struggling to count to in Reception class but the opportunities to rotate each and every piece seemed to grow with days. 

Fast forward to spring 2015 (well, we call it spring in the lack of a better word but be warned -- it doesn't exist as such) and this space that used to teamed up with overabundance, it now is not entertaining: a worn-out fluffy cardigan and a size bigger zip up because it was on sale and who would let it slip away when everybody knows children grow without asking for permission. Three skirts that still cover the obvious but soon there will not be much left to get away with. Even accompanied with leggins. A couple of last year's T-shirts and just enough well fitted girlie tops anything she wishes could go with. It is that limited, it is that thin. But rather than feel sad and unexcited about it, I decided to build up expectations winter wardrobe could never dream of fulfilling. Out of school uniform and in with the first sunshine we'll find ourselves in the process of loving her closet again before hibernating in grey and blue of Year 1. Lots of colour and maybe a few ruffles to feel festive enough. We've already memorized codes of special offers and filled a couple of electronic shopping baskets already so that you know it's worth checking this space for updates ;). 

Happy day, friends!

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