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I plead guilty for basking in the so-called light of years passing by. I find pleasure in counting candles on the cake, I seek occasions to organize events time that had passed is the main character. Hosting a party is activity I could dedicate my time to, before or after running an errand. I'm a person of detail, there's so much that can be said in fierce colours and shapes, let alone the wishes on a birthday card. I steer away from planning, scheduling, calendars for when to pick up balloons and send the invitations off. In fact the more spontaneous event the sweeter. Damian's big day fell on Friday so my initial reaction to a dreary Thursday was to skip on shopping and between school run and a light housework - I would let the day get wrapped around the festivities within its natural course. The sky cleared up allowing me to splurge on some surprises but Friday was the actual day of making it all come together. I was never that efficient with folding laundry and sweeping the floors as hours before people turning up in anticipation of a good time and even better food. When long term planning is rejected, I still follow self-made rules to come out tired but successful in my attempts. I ordered two helium balloons the day before and Nadia was delighted to be in charge of bringing them home knowing one of them will unarguably enhance her bedroom decor. Last minute grilled chicken baked under artificial light of white and blue found its way into my shopping cart and only serving it was a chore. Then the guests arrived, kids went off to fight with the cushions I tirelessly fluffed up and every minute until unwrapping presents, diving nose deep in the box of delicious chocolate muffins was a gift on its own.


 Nadia got changed out of her clothes three times just like a maid of honor would do to delicately sipping the festive atmosphere. She dictated some of the games they played and opted out of pulling the many strings of party poppers I hesitantly put up for kids to have fun with under our close supervision. It was a great afternoon full of catching up on grown up affairs with not so grown up sense of humour. Together with his twin brother sharing the spotlight and fruit kebabs I believe Damian enjoyed every part of a small intimate celebration. When there was time to blow the candles, no person under seven decided to opt out from helping with the tradition. Soon it became dusk and eyelids ceased to be obedient but whatever happened prior to kids bedtime was highly praised. 'Best party ever' said my older nephew and I believe I beamed like a streetlamp for the next hour.
Happy another year guys! xx

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  1. That was very good party! Thx Eli xxx

  2. The party was great!!! Not so happy about the number... :P Thank you my LOVE XXX