by - Tuesday, April 07, 2015

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I'm sure if you asked me to plan a trip way ahead, I would most certainly think of tons of other things before actually getting the excursion planned and packed with bags left by the front door. So no point doing it, really. You see, I put together a backpack of a week of necessities in one afternoon flat, sometimes quicker. While doing other things on top of that, I may add so really it is a skill that saves lives (and marriages sometimes). Once I have weather forecast and potential escapades figured out, I am ready to ride my closet. This is not a random post guys, I have packed this lot in a blink of an eye and will see you again in less than a 200 page novel takes to read and talk through. Like Hey Natalie Jean, maybe? We're off to see our family in Poland just in time for seasons changing and leaving big impact on my poor low-temperature handling abilities. I've got no idea what we would be doing but since I'm only traveling with Nadia - playgrounds and sweet shops are on the list. No other stores are allowed to tempt my zero check-in luggage allowance therefore I'm suspecting extra few pounds allocated near my hips. There will not be internet present so hold on tight to the archive section while we're away. Happy spring, friends!

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