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rain can be therapeutic, countryside, sheep, family, todaymyway.com
poland, spring, spring rain, family, rain is raining, todaymyway.com

She's a friend. Spectacular and pregnant recently. She's the one I miss to share knowledge over the arsenal of shoes with or choose the right shape of jeans to complement my legs overly discouraged from showing. I miss her even more when new menu is introduced at my favourite lounge as there's nothing like sharing a meal you'd not normally order on a Monday afternoon. But I do get to see her to insane extent while traipsing through dusty bumpy Polish streets, I get used to having her on my speed dial. She's responsible for all my large bills thanks to the roaming mode and I'm responsible for her cravings and feet bunions. But she doesn't mind, walks bravely and sweet, carrying the bundle of joy she'll call her son along with her.

The sky was sympathetic today, no excess heat, not even moderate wind so we set off dressed lightly and irresponsibly. Lives lived to the full and back. So we walked up and down local Ethnographic Park presenting a range of agricultural buildings from all over Silesia, enormous open-air museum dotted with cottages, barns and a farm of flock of sheep accompanying our footsteps as they were let roam free at some point called our names and provided a morning of physical exhaustion. Not only we discovered the amount of rain our coats can take but that walking together might easily become our next best thing. If only our paths weren't divided by the English channel. But with the baby on the way I'm hoping for more unpredictable gatherings and moments of fun. After my friend's had some sleep first of course. So naturally kids are on topic and babies never leave our thought. It is the season of our lives to be less appropriate among others rolling their eyes on the amount of onesies that get mentioned in our conversation. But it wasn't like that for a long time and I'm delighted for her happiness. And sleepless nights. But also for her hands full of sweet chubbiness. 

animal world, countryside, friends together, todaymyway.com
travel, poland, spring, spring rain, the right company, todaymyway.com
the right company, poland, spring, travel, spring rain, sheep, todaymyway.com
countryside, open-air museum, poland, spring, thoughts on things, todaymyway.com

It wasn't long enough to start cursing the rarely pleasing sky and hide under the old cottage roof just to be reminded that if it rained it won't hesitate to persist with its attitude. A warm coffee for me and a reasonably brewed tea for my friend felt just right. And a delicious piece of cheesecake Nadia helped me devour. Time stood still (I could tell I didn't take my watch with me) but also it was a moment that felt so sacred - us girls plopped down on beaten up wooden bench warming our knuckles on taupe porcelain. She's been initiated - to soon be running alone those street corners getting her thoughts right at sidewalk flower stands and stopping to get a doughnut or bottle of still water. She'll find her paths, her best shrubs of evergreen fences to come back to any given morning or afternoon. She'll like the time only a sight of a nearby lake will make her feel, she'll stop and stare at the budding trees and wriggling pair of cotton rich socks.

And on our way back to the car she skillfully operates, Nadia struggled to cope with the ever changing attitude of clouds. She left her overcoat at home trusting the sky with her five year old faithful heart not long before it decided to play around with everything in its power. I gave her my jacket leaving me only in my light white shirt but a child looking ridiculous in oversized garment is better than a frozen child with a gigantic fever first thing after coming home. We made it to the car, believe us or not and I was half expecting to hear nothing for the next hour or so due to experiencing the power of howling wind from each side. Shockingly, it didn't happen and I tick this time as the best day we could dream of or dress for or both. 

animal world, countryside, family, poland, todaymyway.com
animal world, cottages and farmhouses, spring, spring rain, todaymyway.com
countryside, open-air museum, spring rain, the right company, todaymyway.com
best friend, countryside, hiking together, spring rain, todaymyway.com
spring rain, rain can be therapeutic, family, friends, the right company, todaymyway.com
girls together, old cafe, spring, spring rain, todaymyway.com
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