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Is it a girl's or her mother's dream to spend time nearly flying around the ballroom so light and graceful in each pose only a handful of people will experience without much struggle? Some will even dedicate a life to it. Ballet classes as we know and encourage are a part of most under five female generation. The amount of pink sheer fabric produced in a year only compares to the amount of caffeine I could have consumed to this day if I was initiated early enough. It is a trend, a modern day normalcy that boys play tennis and girls dance. Mostly for fun and to wear the rose-coloured tutu without limits. Or with just about everything that comes handy. Every once in a while we ask Nadia if she would want to continue her adventure with the overly lit dance hall. Her answer has always been positive, her ballet pumps never so comfortable. I get it, she likes it and has a good time skipping hand in hand with her friends, I have no intention of separating her from the group. Yet as a parent I always look ahead, like beyond the third grade that's for sure. I believe an activity that makes your heart pumping blood at a dangerous speed will never make you feel otherwise especially if this eager heart gets addicted to it, is trained well and evenly encouraged. When fun becomes purpose, occasional turns into regular and a struggle calls for more practice, steadily and intentionally shifting conversations towards the future. Nothing too drastically pushed forward in time but reasonably distant to have a concept of the size of tutu we need to order next.

When fun meets purpose it produces dedication. Under the ballroom ceiling heavily lit in artificial light, girls skip in various directions, hold hands showing off their skills independently or with a helping professional hand. They're all ballerinas in their own eyes, they've all been selected through their own will and their parents' financial capability. They're equally spectacular. And sometimes it happens. The potential is released and each pirouette is the most important. Some will dedicate a life to it.

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