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Nadia was chewing a handful of candy leaving two of the jawbreakers untouched. I asked her why she did not want them. 'They're not yummy' she answered.

Going up the hill from school we got a bit tired from walking. Me: How nice it would be to have a pair of wings right now. Nadia: But those would get tired too, mummy. Good point, babe.

Nadia desperately wants to wear glasses just like some girls at school and both of her cousins. So one afternoon on our way home from school a tiny piece of dust got into her eye and once we wiped it off, she said reproachfully: If I had glasses it wouldn't have happened.

When Nadia was coming down with a cold but was still going to school we tried to teach her how to sneeze and avoid accidents. 'When you're about to sneeze, at making 'Aaahhh' is the right time to take handkerchief out because when it comes to 'Chu!!' it's generally too late.'

 I love attending parent's evenings and flipping through pages documenting Nadia's school days, daily highlights, progress in learning. Here are some questions the teacher asked and her sweet answers:
►► What do you do to relax? I play games with my daddy on the x-box.
►► What's healthy food? Oranges. (I love that one!)
►► What would you like to get better at? Getting dressed for P.E.
►► What do you need to do with the basket full of shopping? You need to scan it and then pay and then you can go home.
►► What would you hide in a treasure chest? Chocolate.

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  1. I love her answers. On one side they're so clever but on another so sweet :)))