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Some plants to be considered beautiful and edible need to look like weed or grass at some point. But never be tempted to treat it like weed, love the taste it will enhance from the infancy of seed and it eventually be worth the wait, worth the kitchen spatula we used to plant it. There's also a challenge yet not realized -- the pot will not hold the amount of goodness, bone china will either burst of joy or under raw strength of a plant determined to grow. Fine with us, there are plenty of re-potting opportunities and the space has never been so accessible (as life was greatly chaotic a couple of years ago when this beauty of a girl I'm raising could disappear under layers of toys, her most enjoyable activity was to jump on the windowsill (with securely locked windows) and take lead in cheering all games neighborhood children were involved into. Now, there is just not enough head room to be prancing around the sunlit space).

Our garden is growing. Not like crazy and I have finally accepted that it just isn't going to happen in a day but we're happily halfway there, one leaf at a time, deeper shade of green in a matter of weeks in anticipation of a salad or addition to sandwich. I'm a herbivore in my guts and will not hesitate to make it obvious. Nadia had fun planting but was even more enthusiastic to make her creation complete -- once the herb decided to poke its fine necks out, we knew some personalization was in order and green crayons told the full story. Everything we spend time and thought on needs recognition and a hand of a five year old has just the right amount of energy. The kind of hand that will make any object pretty. She has the skills, the day would be lost without working with pens and scissors. But this time she focused on words and specific shapes. And I did on documenting it. x

plants, dill and basil, family fun, green windowsill,

family fun, garden, spring, girl drawing,
girl drawing, family fun, our herbs, spiring,
family fun, spring, green windowsill, window garden,
green thumbs, family fun, herbs, spring,
green windowsill, plants and herbs, family fun,

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