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spring, family time, board games, great time,
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Evenings like these have happened to us throughout each winter, let it be loved and short season or long to the point of hating half of my closet - we've always spent days on the floor. It was our playground, our dry land, a place where anything could work - leisure-wise the most. This carpet is far from exciting in its decorative form but it did not matter on any day we had plans to use it wisely or completely opposite. Our space is small, like lazily small as we haven't tried the tricks of using mirrors or paint to visually stretch it out and the floor seems to be the biggest feature therefore it holds more than any clean surface available. Bricks, lines of cars, board games seem to live to their full potential here only. They do their best, show the truest and most painful nature once stepped on. It's the temporary home to Lego statues and a foster house to drawings that have no permission past the room. But board games with their millionth and therefore so important part are dotting this floor constantly. Nadia is old enough to know and play by the rules each box comes with but all that stubborn and independent enough to refuse to win the manufacturer's way. So we go along with the kind of imagination that finds you unprepared, beats you up just when you were thinking you've been winning and leaves you disorientated near the start even though you've reached halfway on the board. You're also asked to choose a character for the game - forget the pawns and cogs - reach for the nicest toy you can because imitating its voice and silly moves is always a good idea.

family, spring, family time, board games,
playing together, board games, family, evenings together,
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This particular game is called Mushroom Picking and as seen among less or more comfortable positions players travel around the board collecting mushrooms and meeting a variety of adventures. The best way of achieving this fast (according to Nadia) is to pick as many mushrooms as the hamper holds (not recommended for people with easily upset stomachs) and race to the finish line. It's nearly impossible to convince her some mushrooms are to look at only but if she is to win she will reap all the benefits along the way too. Still a way to learn and have fun while at it. And then we felt extra ambitious and drew faces, dragons and pandas.

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Happy Easter everyone! xx

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