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I didn't expect parks to be as awesome as they were in Poland. I did expect low temperatures and high demand for playground explorations but anything that has started poking their heads out and shout with colour, this was a pretty surprise. So pretty we only took our morning routine seriously before making all sorts of decisions not to be back too early for lunch. At this time of year Poland is your most unpredictable friend therefore you just have to love it even more. 

So the week started chilled, like prepare your warmest and most knitted layers because the streets are long and benches are cold. And the sun is still locked somewhere between the German border and deep forests of Czech Republic. But we packed our companions in hats and gloves of many different wool blends that we did not complain much. And then it got reasonably enjoyable - hats got pulled off, knees got exposed to warm air through their holes and all was looking good. There were just the two of us for the most part of our stay and although we enjoyed moderate company of others, this was the best formula for mind cleansing and feet exhausting escapade. My time was entirely made of ice cold bottled tea and strolls through the parks with this blonde little head in tow. I had time to fill my eyes with the beauty of a place I once roamed single and unemployed or hand in hand with this bearded man on so many days I'm engrossed to even type (he was too unemployed so that you know our reasons to be so desperate to wander). We hit the many playgrounds we could find and bought sweet sugary snacks nobody was aware we called lunch. We were the team that only a cloudy sky could scare off. Our families headed to work each morning at the hour I barely even move half of the body, the house went totally on silent as we were getting dressed removing sleep from our eyes. Sweet lazy mornings with a big amount of layers and a quick look at the outdoor thermometer. Most days we were ready before 10 am, with the right attitude and enough wool content to get us through the day.

Our luggage allowance set limits on our time here too - if we couldn't take it home, it was no point confusing the brain, no point drooling over object that will get discarded at the airport. Even if it's most sought after and pretty. I liked it a lot. I had no intention to purchase even though there is a list of what we ought to get from Poland each year that's beyond our grasp in England. You know, things like face masks I buy in bulk or important medication English doctors don't trust; Polish books with the right dose of eloquence and even more with just pictures only a five year old can appreciate. We searched none of these and it felt good (I may soon regret not getting into the lingerie department of Triumph's discounted collection but nobody will make me undress of all the layers I religiously put on that morning together with a thin coat of body butter from last night's bath that is). 

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I felt like a tourist that streets are recognized to an extent but discovered all over again. Because this town is thriving - buildings get knocked down but equally grow back in bricks; parks are dotted in colourful jackets going down the slides with their mums silently watching over. Or grandmas. Lots of them - the most wonderful free labour of love, pairs of retired arms this bunch of toddlers fall into (literally). I sat and not only watched this carefree girl of mine befriending squirrels and random kids half her age and height but was entwined with the peace I'm so used to at home. Taking all in without looking at the watch slightly too big for my fifth-grade girl's wrists - this made my entire stay. On the weekend though mums thrived as the best hosts - there were chats and endless gestures of love and affection, tons of home made calories and bought specialties so we all felt we were exposed to many wonders. On the weekend there were family gatherings and play dates and telephone conversations with Damian who missed his girls a lot. It was great. This time was superior even though Nadia had a mild cold and put her sneezing lessons in practice to avoid accidents.

And there were stories told each night as we cuddled together in bed of a reasonable comfort chasing shadows unfamiliar with the lights out. Sweet socked feet finding the best spot promising restful sleep and imagination playing games with our memory told in quick and chaotic sentences at the table the next morning. We girls know the amount of a good time we can have. And will not hesitate to repeat it anytime we can.

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