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rain is addictive, travel, spring, donkey sanctuary,

So this trip was completely random. We pre-arranged our outfits with the accent on protective equipment - wellies for Nadia and a woolen hat for me worn religiously since first day of October until no further notice according to current weather predictions. Two hour drive was crazy but if you're going to meet the most expressive creatures this side of a shore, extreme measures are a must. It wasn't Nadia's first time petting donkeys but asking lots of questions regarding their names and sad faces (I wouldn't be able to come up with such thought myself but yes, they looked slightly unloved). It rained for the good part of our visit but we explored the only way we know how: through finding dry shelters without sacrificing our need to roam and get lost (both actively seeking). It was easy to narrow down her favourite animal - this grey donkey enjoyed a lot of attention and even more head rubs. The aura changed eventually letting some rays peek through very subtly but noticeably.

As I looked around the fluttering fields in awe from the things that came too close to be missed and had her face near enough to witness her experiences firsthand, I knew the views will always fascinate me but the way I see them will change because of her. I love that they are different than mine. I hold dear looking at her gathering thoughts, contemplating objects, being prompted to go further or stop just where she is. Until the very end in the best of spirits and most adaptable footwear.

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petting donkeys, countryside, donkey sanctuary,
donkeys everywhere, spring, animal world, traveling,
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►► Ha, a reasonable donkey. And a cute one.
donkey bench, rain on the go, animal world, donkey sancturary,
travel, animal world, spring, donkey sanctuary,
donkey world, charity, spring, rain is addictive,
donkey sanctuary, countryside, travel, donkeys,
►► Donkeys everywhere! The Donkey Sanctuary has made a profound difference to the lives of donkeys all over the world and we were happy to contribute in the great work of carers, partners and animal lovers. :)
rain everywhere, donkeys everywhere, rain, countryside, donkey sanctuary,

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