by - Friday, March 13, 2015

I don't know what it is about but you guys, it's happening. Yawning like a wild lion on a civilized screen with too many eye rubs for one evening it's insane -- I explored nailart as another form of torture instead of tracking goals in my dream (and freshly made bed). It may be a relaxing activity but I haven't figured it out, I was too tired to even attempt to.

Sign me up for springs of planting, re-potting, removing dirt from the carpet. And I still haven't got a watering can. Neither a shovel. Sometimes passions need no tools. 

Speaking of which, out of six plants on my windowsill, four are actually related. I'll do anything to have a garden.

I have a weird sense of health these days. Coughing all week? It'll pass. High temperature each evening since two weekends ago? I can live with that. On the contrary when Damian noticed similar symptoms, doctor saw him before his coffee break (it turned out to be a nasty lung infection he would have learnt about in advance if I decided to be seen first but I live in a strange reality where germs come and go enjoying every moment of their journey). A course of antibiotics was prescribed and a certain shelf restraint put in place because I couldn't resist asking if he fancied sharing it. What a desperate call for help. Of course my request was rejected with passion but we do still laugh at my clever attempts of getting hold of it ('Have you taken your medicine? I don't mind helping out.'). We both were kind of relieved the course was completed.

And I'll be auntie to another boy this summer. It's a pleasure to love one more mischievous wild spirit. Time to start inflating soccer balls.

Have a fabulous weekend, friends! x

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