by - Wednesday, March 11, 2015

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Some people recognize spring straight away, some of us have to make it happen in the quietness of our homes. And if teacher approves, the better. Drawing and colouring is our total favourite, skip the brick building and dolls undressing - we know what's enjoyable around here. Another school project, another portion of fun. Who wouldn't want to help out a child exploding from excitement? I'll just sharpen the pencils.

This project was the answer to all that crispiness in the air that is yet to come but we could imagine it already and create with just a few supplies and a lot of snacking. Before we even pressed print we talked about what we knew about spring, where it can be found and how we can tell it's arrived. I was super proud Nadia knew a lot about plants coming to life under the moody skies, bugs and birds making appearance literally overnight. And then we brought all our knowledge and colouring skills to the table in creation of our own spring garden. If you're eager to find out how to bring the paper creatures alive, look no further, just stock on blank colouring pages of any image the project will benefit from (type a word in Google adding 'colouring pages' at the end to be presented with a combination of millions of options to choose from. Also printing on a fairly thick paper or stiffening it with a stripe cut from cardboard and affixing to the back is a good idea), crayons, paint, any source of colour, scissors and glue. And lots of enthusiasm to finish it before dinner. Once the images are coloured in and cut out (leave a wide strip on the bottom of images that will get attached to the ground), let's see the glue working. There are so many variations to this simple project, you're not required to follow any formula or trend - try a village, big city or a playground. Any idea is manageable. Have fun creating!

printouts, spring, spring project, art project, todaymyway.com
spring art project, arts and crafts, spring, todaymyway.com
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colouring girl, arts and crafts, spring crafts, todaymyway.com
spring garden, paper garden, arts and crafts, todaymyway.com
spring garden, paper craft, arts and crafts, spring, todaymyway.com
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►► Tada! This is how relatively close we are till spring.

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