by - Sunday, March 29, 2015

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All she does is grow. And dream big (Legoland is next). I hope it stays this way for years to come.
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Variety not solution orientated ;)
ice skating, in pictures, family fun, together,
I thought I would focus on winter sports for a change and upgrade my status in social gatherings but as we all know it takes more than a nice unsteady picture to be taken seriously.
These two make an average day an exciting one
girls on the road, in pictures, family fun,
How to escape English winter and still have it all over your windscreen only a girl can do.
in pictures, little fashion, winter,, fur
My inner Alaskan girl loves this jacket. I guess her inner girl lives in entirely different place.

never bored, in pictures, winter,
Nadia's chosen choice of activity might be one day possible to make into a career. For now it is an affordable art that inspires and delights. For now, I say...
school lunch, in pictures, family fun,
I can picture every place filling with summer already

kids hair, little hairdo, family, pink,, in pictures
Morning school rush hour -- you learn to do things that can take hours in less than required time.
together, in pictures, family,
Feels way better than Christmas, holidays and birthdays. Better than cinema. There is so much power in knowing every single detail of a person and still call their arms the best place to be.
blue babe, artistic soul, fun, in pictures,
I see this girl's deep connection to cool colours. I'm grabbing this opportunity and adding more ;)

food, vegan food, in pictures, winter, family,
On any given day I'd choose colour on my plate

long fringe, short fringe, in pictures, girl's hair,
Which camp do you fall into - bangs or wax-smooth forehead? How would I know, I don't look like that anymore! (hint, hint)
hats on, in pictures, face,, winter
      Hair on my face is of less concern than my long lasting love for winter hat collection. Still not giving up. Still not overwhelmed by it. 

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  1. You look good with or without bangs. I really like bangs but with naturally curly hair (that I striated) they're hard to maintain. I too would choose colour on my plate any given day!

  2. You're girl is very beautiful and I agree that she has a talent with painting. Hope you continue to guide her.