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spring, family, gardening, our garden, todaymyway.com
planting seeds, family, spring, learning, todaymyway.com
►► No baked goods for us anymore, this spatula will never go back to the kitchen. But we're in a right season so any tool will do.

A little under two weeks ago Nadia started each conversation with reporting how a herb she planted in a school plot is doing, every afternoon the progress of its reluctant behavior was discussed over dinner. Then I thought why shouldn't we get our hands dirty and commit to bringing a bunch alive ourselves? Especially that it was also a subject widely searched at school, showing Nadia the process in every stage was just too good not to try it. So we went to buy some seeds, we also had two flowers that needed re-potting and one breezy afternoon our gardening skills showed through frequent shivering spells. It was more about learning what's needed to grow plants and herbs than hoping to be fully reliant on one flowerpot to accommodate all our green needs therefore only a sprinkle of basil and dill was allowed to touch the soil. And was given a chance of providing us a spring of side dishes. Nadia had lots of fun digging and watering, if we only had a bit of a space for every aspect of our green craving, I would be happy enough. To my surprise a windowsill is a pretty place for fresh herbs and in fact a necessity if I want to live happily ever after. So for now it is basil for all my vegan cooking, dill to be sprinkled on young potatoes and anything that works. May the sun help them make way onto our plates soon.

seeds, our herbs, family time, spring, todaymyway.com
dill and basil seeds, plants, our garden, family time, todaymyway.com
little gardener, our garden, spring,  learning, todaymyway.com
family, spring activity, learning, herbs and plants, todaymyway.com

planting, garden, family time, our garden, todaymyway.com

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