by - Friday, March 27, 2015

chain nails, beauty, nail art,, manicure
studs and gems, nails, beauty, chain nails,

When my nails aren't broken, split or ridiculously short I quite like them. So that I even paint them and soak in revitalizing liquid. It's a rarity as I wash hands a lot and use disposable gloves at work so it's not easy to maintain healthy and flawless claws. When it happens I'm pleased with the effect of at least two hour session so thankfully it's only repeated occasionally. With this particular design, mini beads were placed tightly next to each other formatting a chain. I used golden ones on my left hand and played with blue ones on the other. Then I added a round golden stud to imitate a pendant and voila! I'm eager to try it again on different colored background -- black or red maybe? Sounds like a lot of fun out of two hours of my life.

P.S. I don't glue any studs or beads to my nails relying heavily on two to three layers of invisible varnish keeping them in place but I'm happy to hear if you have experience with any kinds of adhesive. Are they healthy, easily removable? Smell favourably? Do share and half of this household will be excited.

Happy weekend, friends! x

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