by - Thursday, February 05, 2015

white, snow, white world, winter,
winter, white world, white, daily events,

Our recent weather forecast didn't involve snow at all neither did the wildest dream of any five year old and above around here therefore we were ecstatic to the point of suffocating for the period of a day. One single day, that's how long it lasted. But before it was gone, we managed to have a snow fight, draw on cars and snap a few photos that we will cherish until the next snowy day. We don't expect it to happen very soon so we're back to our everyday activities and whatever comes our way. No, it's not spring yet and judging by how strong the wind blows, we're nowhere near it. Still so fun to have some snow sparkle around, even just for a day. 

plants in the snow, white snow, winter,
snowy streets, snow, winter,
snow, white world, daily events,
the whole white world, snow, white,
white, snow, winter,
plants in the snow, white world, winter,

snow, snowy day, winter,

THE WHOLE WHITE WORLD, winter, daily events,

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