by - Monday, February 23, 2015

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We haven't seen a party too similar to the previous, every one is extra special, every face paint more unique and harder to wash off than the other. Yes, it's the birthday season and attending places of a great commotion has been on our schedule since beginning of this year and all Nadia's newest friends can vouch. The entertainment that is always met with joy varies tremendously from venue to venue: some go subtle with themes while others indulge in the cool stuff (temporary tattoos and inflatable slides which we all need at least a few times in a lifetime). And the abundance of bright dresses living the dream and getting their money's worth is always a delight to watch. Stories told through images stuck to the soft skin for any amount of days a girl chooses were massive hit on this occasion - even Nadia, always hesitant to engage in such creativity comfortably, proceeded to dip her toe in decorating that can be fun when she lets herself go for it. Maybe her best friend had something to do with it staying close and making sure only right amount of colour was applied. I think today was a perfect time to give it a go. 

face painting, party, kids party, kids entertainment,
temporary tattoo, kids, party, birthday party,
►► There was a choice of a temporary tattoo and while other girls chose butterflies and hearts, she preferred a scorpion. Should the years ahead terrify me? ;)
face painting, kids party, frozen party, entertainment,
frozen party, birthday, kids and things, friends,
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►► Nadia was somehow new to the blue tongue situation but handled the experience and excitement pretty well. She expects her drinks to retain this solid hue too which is a challenge I'll try to embrace in a big way.
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►► And some girlie play to finish off the eventful afternoon. We really need it to be spring already for all the catch ups and play dates scheduled and long awaited. Have a great week, friends! 

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