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Meanwhile, between the first sign of a daffodil explosion and the strength I'm building up to stand the last of my knits we had a half term break which consisted of escapades unknown to this household. I had high hopes for this week, didn't plan but memorized some options and allocated to particular days, if they happened - fine, if not - we would still find ourselves pretty busy within four walls or local cardinal points. I'm permanently on the lookout for places of fun and peace, sometimes both. In need of outdoors we spent the time there exclusively - the abundance of fresh air, occasional rainpour, fog to a dangerous measure was all ticked. We felt kind of spoiled. 

An idea of visiting Science and Natural History Museums came up disobligingly in one of the conversations between me and mum of a boy attending Nadia's school. London has been on my mind as long as I've had fringe but my close friend dismissed the revelation. For her a successful day didn't involve rubbing elbows with the crowd or inhaling tones of carbon dioxide, I however kept the case open and was eager to accept other destinations as long as London would show up on my calendar this way or another. And the opportunity surprised and we went for it with such vigour and slightly blocked noses consumed with images in our heads of what to see and what conversations to bring up. This law of attraction really works, you guys. I may start visualizing New York if any of you are willing to send some positive vibrations from across the pond. And I can pack right now, too!
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I love this photo so much, this darling girl of mine is becoming everything I have been dreaming about in a girl - she's beautiful, so tall for her five years, has the sweetest personality and a loving heart. I know she will do so much in her life and I can't wait to witness it.
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Both places we visited were even more amazing in person. I'm still a kid at heart when it comes to new experiences, I quietly freak out. The longer we stayed, the less actively we explored just roaming curiously around enjoying time together and telling daddy all about it back home. It was a crowded experience I admit with a particular dread but the expositions and dinosaur skeletons the place overdosed on were not only checked from all angles but gasped at right from the entering the most breathtaking interior. The stairs, columns, landings, construction of walls and tiles, occasional monuments a busy eye can reach - don't even get me started on windows and their stained glass as it may take a while. Library-esq, almost Hogwarth-style building I never knew my eyes would love keep the track of. We spent big chunks of time watching endless art displays learning about human body and had a go at designing an economical train route before we sat down to eat and order life-saving mug of coffee. It was pretty wonderful seeing Nadia not squealing or beaming with joy but contemplating it all quietly in awe. How was your half term break, friends? x

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