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kids party, birthday, friends,
birthday, kids party, turning six, children,

One year older, one year giddier! You wouldn't believe how many birthday parties we attended this and last month. No really, five is a big number when you're eager to experience something extraordinary while witnessing others growing older. It's not a secret that among all the options given to the party goers, there must be pizza on the list. And this was a special one, made by little fingers and eaten to the last bite. By the kids themselves or their parents. This day was busy but oh so exciting, two parties memorized on one day, two wonderful children gifted with well wishes and a Lego box. Knowing that kids of five years and older like bricks and piles of them, that was the icing on the cake. It took a while for Nadia to get comfortable at the party of not many recognizable faces but once she warmed to the chatty girls around her, the rest was perfect in every way it could possibly be - ice cream and pizza included. 
The weather remains unreasonable but it gave Nadia yet another chance to wear her winter clothes soon to be relocated to less accessible space. I found it a little sad most of her long sleeve, reversible pieces didn't get as much wear as we would want to because she is literally living in her school uniform! Last piece of clothing was bought way before the fall arrived and after each party we attend, the urgency for a new skirt or dress is more than visible. There's no party planned until June so we need to stock on florals and pink motifs and have more confidence in where this weather is going. 

birthday, birthday cake, family, kids,

friends, kids, birthday, family, party, kids party,
birthday party, birthday cake, kids party, family,
birthday party, turning six, friends from school,
►► I love holding my nephews extra tight when the opportunity arises with Logan being my sweet companion in all things playful and imaginative. He likes his auntie making faces and behaving a little silly for the sake of his big belly laughs coming in short sequences. I think we're pals for life. 
birthday, family, party,
►► And we made it possible and attended the second birthday party called Neon Disco Party. Damian pushed his macho style aside and fell in love with more laid back look. I sure like it on him.

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