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style, fashion, conscious wardrobe,

style, fashion, conscious closet,

People wear clothes because it's cold or because they have to which means the same thing around here, thank you very much English climate. Dressing up is a weird business - to truly embrace one's closet there are a lot of factors to consider - personality, current mood, season, current trends (or deliberately not), comfort. I know I feel better when I look my best or simply put nicely together - there is so much potential in me showing up like that but it takes time and commitment searching for style and upgrading unloved garments into lifetime allies. I have limited space for storage purposes, there's this little princess growing her collections alongside mine and to be honest I don't even yearn for more -- more storage, more shelving opportunities when everything is stacked less than neatly and rarely gets its wear. Conscious, focused on quality mindset is what I'm after. It's easy to dress a girl these days, trendy fabrics are accessible, cheap and desirable. What if I want them to last longer, survive endless visits to my tumble drier, grace the skin with natural qualities? Knowing that pulling out a piece from the jaw of my drawer will make me feel gorgeous without really overdoing it, yes this is it. I have a pretty exhaustive list of what those fabrics should do for me, you know a life changing task they're in for: pulling off the sort of look manipulated by the slightly androgenic pieces in classic colours promising comfort even if I don't put too much effort in. Playfully sexy is in the rotation too, I wouldn't want those shirts or distressed jeans get away with simplicity too comfortably. And a personal ingredient to coordinate it all - unusual accessory, unexpected colour or pattern, they often go so unnoticed. Like always, it's a task in progress, the way I feel about things and make them happen. Just more real this time, stay tuned. x 

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