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relationship, my first and only,
relationship, one truth, thoughts on things,
one truth, relationship, my first and only,

A girl can distinguish between sexes from early on, she has a brother after all (rhyming not intended). She is curious, asks questions, doesn't look for love story but the truth behind the attraction and the mystery (too many discoveries for one childhood). She notices getting noticed and begins to feel pretty. There are other things on her mind so she doesn't keep up with a whistle here and there; she moves towns, her family breaks into pieces, face attracts more sebum than ever before. There's nothing perfect here. 

She finds solace in words. She can formulate a six sentence paragraph before she's found ways to believe it herself. Her ambitions reach way beyond metallic finish of the crown on a prom queen, undeveloped features define her style, attitude and destiny. She kisses but it's not exciting, not a butterfly swirls in her stomach. She's looking for company but she'd rather make an eye contact than thrill a bunch of girls with stories of first love experiments. Even if it's pretty good stuff. She knows she doesn't have to say yes to everything unless it's kind of wonderful. She can find dozens of excuses to stay indoors and she does just so but you know what, it sort of happens sometimes and in a rather unexpected way love appears. Most love stories do not begin with a word love anywhere near but we have always good intentions and she wasn't that much different. They meet most spontaneous way, queuing in the same line, chit chatting and exchanging telephone numbers. He thinks he knows her from somewhere, she knows he lies to chat her up. She goes for it anyway. Well, not quite but that's the story for the grandchildren and because it's a long one, let's get excited elsewhere. They are seeing each other frequently, kiss on the first date, get to know their birthmarks and activate every single sense by the third month. A girl has never been seen happier, a boy more fascinated. Officially they aren't kids but have everything in common with them and if this is an indication of how this life could be, she's over the moon. She is OK with admitting he is her first and only and that she's found her soul mate, lover, a partner in great things and trivial things they fight over. Indestructible is exaggeration but they are doing fine, figuring out life as it goes. And that's alright for a girl not knowing many lips when he still acts as if she is some amazing human after all those years.  

relationship, thoughts on things,
crazy people, relationship, one truth,

one truth, relationship, damian was my frist and only,

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