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style, tresure chest, accessories, todaymyway.com
tresure chest, accessories, todaymyway.com
style, accessories, jewellery, tresure chest, todaymyway.com
tresure chest, jewels, todaymyway.com
Feeling, touching, trying on feels natural to me. In building more intentional jewellery collection it's impossible to find an object of value and not engage in a personal contact. There are no criteria to determine which item will be brought home with me, often my choice is built solely on emotion, sometimes on sentiment and quite frequently on visuals. I'm a dedicated jewellery collector but a very shallow wearer, there's not a single piece of bling I've been wearing as a second skin which happens to be bare most of the time (even my wedding ring didn't get much wear before I lost it during one of our flat moves). Actually seeing my earrings on all photos as of late states otherwise but that's it, no other accessory stays that put without me having to imagine several ways to wear it. I guess I require a special occasion to feel a precious metal against my skin therefore I present unto you an oddly small collection of jewels. I just realized I feel most natural and comfortable with a minimum of anything on me - let it be clothes, accessories, tattoos but when it happens, it happens for a reason and to make a statement - embarrassingly large rings and necklaces spotted from miles. Anything a small boned girl could want at daytime and at night. Sometimes though I get aroused at a delicacy of fine product with the daintiest detail you'd be afraid to touch, not to mention put your arms around me in order not to break it. A girl can change, you know.  
This little chest of drawers used to get a lot of attention from Nadia, now her own little box is filling up tremendously quick with colour and texture, well-known motifs and simple hand made pieces. Variety and abundance is what we attempt at. (however she's one more Kinder Surprise bracelet away from relocating to a bigger room ;)   

style, tresure chest, accessories, todaymyway.com
style, treasure chest, todaymyway.com

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