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No magic skills required in noticing school is more than just pens and stickers for this little lady. There may be other more desirable writing supplies among them but friendship and helping others is the main ingredient. After a long Christmas break, Nadia looked so much forward to this moment when she met all her best friends as of last September to play with, laugh and giggle. She even prepared thoughtful colourful drawings, wrapped them up as gifts and couldn't wait to distribute them around the school playground. Nothing could beat how proud and excited she was! 

Her friends' names come up frequently in our conversations and continue to appear into the late hours of the day and I always try to remember them as she goes. It's not a huge task as there are only a few girls that have her current attention (Bella, Violet, Maya, Eliona) but she gets upset when I mix them up so of course I have to stay focused and on top of things. I love being introduced to her games and ideas, more happily if her friends take part in it too. Whether sitting with us at the table and making imaginary noises or appearing long-haired and sporting most sequined outfits under her busy crayons, in whatever form it happens, it is awesomely obvious there are some great friendships formatting. And I love how she's naturally open to this chapter of getting to know and like, look forward to and enjoy, it makes me giddy with excitement for the people she'll make her life full of. There are still pre-school friends mentioned so we're making arrangements to have fun with keeping up with their scheduled days of stories of well-known books and toys they wholeheartedly recommend in their pink and purple infused lives. 

Today the school doors opened again, spirits were high, parents chatty and the kids enthusiastic. On our way home that day, Nadia talked about this girl that was upset and how Nadia offered to play with her to cheer her up, it made me so happy. And although the purpose of going to school to learn is far more important than anything else, Nadia's first and most looked forward to activity will always remain to be the kind and supportive friend she can be. Watching it happening is my favourite thing and will be updated weekly (just kidding, guys). Have a great week, friends! x  

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