by - Friday, December 19, 2014

reindeer, holiday magic, winter,
winter, family time, christmas magic,

Weeks flow by, every festive activity has a purpose, we're no longer in a panic mode around here so days before Christmas, we're enjoying family time like never. It's been an extra cuddly time for us because of weeks of sickness and ongoing discomfort for the longest time imaginable. Our sitting area got a lot of use we're not sure we're ready to give up (any virus is easier to manage when you're nice and comfy, remember that). Because this time of a year is meant to be shared with your favourite people and the best part is that all our favourite people are kids, there must be a lot of kid-friendly entertainment. No money or special equipment required. Visiting Santa in his grotto is the kind of fun that made our bellies ache from laughter and that ended with french fries and strawberry ice cream at the local restaurant. There was a ton of satisfaction out of the simple things - real reindeer not ready to pose for the lens of my camera, dancing to festive tunes and starting to laugh just by looking at each of the kids having so much fun. But why stop here? Follow our footpaths in the snowless winter wonderland, there's definitely more to come. xx  

caught up in the holiday magic, family time,

christmas time, holiday magic,

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  1. Great photos, fabulous fun. The only time we can experience snow around here ;)