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christmas art project, glass painting, christmas magic,

No two days are the same around here - especially with that extra present appearing each day and all the time we have for crafting and being super proud of it. I hope we'll stick to juggling just as much if not more in the new year. Today I wanted to show you our latest project for which we teamed up with Hobbycraft, a fabulous website for all things handmade! I had a pleasure of browsing through the gift section to get overwhelmed with original ideas focused on gifting. I was especially drawn to craft kits we have limited skills on like candle making or glass painting but which offer a great degree of creativity and flexibility with the final result. Although I was asked to choose one kit, I knew I'd be happy with most of the ideas featured. As a person upcycling jars and bottles whenever possible, I was curious to give Kirstie Allsopp Glass Painting Kit a try (although I'm eying the soap making one for further experimenting). It contained everything we needed to make a beautiful use of any glassware we stock in abundance: paint, outline designs, acetate sheets to practice, cards and envelopes for some more creativity.  

arts and crafts, glass painting, christmas project,

arts and crafts,, christmas art
christmas art, project, christmas magic,
girl painting, craft, arts and crafts, christmas art,
The process of creating a beautiful stained glass imitation spoke to Nadia straight away and before we knew it, she was making the most colourful creation to date. I on the other hand had fun with a tea light holder which was then decorated with glitter, sequins and sparkly gems glued to the surface. I love that those creations cannot be replicated as techniques and ideas vary from person to person and the best part? Functionality as well as the decorative element! Definitely a perfect Christmas gift for all the artists out there whatever craft they're into. x    
arts and crafts, christmas magic, glass painting,

arts and crafts, christmas magic,

beautiful glassware, glass painting, christmas art project,
arts and crafts, christmas magic,
In collaboration with Hobbycraft

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  1. There's nothing better than using imagination and manual skills to create such beauties. Especially at Christmas :)