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christmas magic, festive goodness,
christmas magic, festive goodness, christmas,
christmas goodness, thoughts on things,

If I say it was one of our quieter, more relaxed and intimate Christmases, I wouldn't mind asking for repeating the experience next year. The spirit, the feel, the absence of rush. But holidays like these remind me why I love them and can hardly do it without the people I am close to. There is a different vibe to a family Christmas: this wonderful time of conversations in cosy little groups, exchanging greetings and latest revelations without even realizing it. I miss it on a daily basis, I miss it more when the streets start to adjust to our festive mood in each corner of town. I miss it undoubtedly more because of Nadia and her unstoppable appetite for people. But this year's festive season was good in its more reflective state, lazier activities that often cannot be fully appreciated until there is a deep understanding of it or simply a need for longer pause in the company of a few. There was also a silly virus thrown into the mix that stilled us for most of the month, not a mood booster whatsoever. But I'm grateful for what it has showed me - many things are taken for granted, health and vitality included. We like to find ourselves overseeing things, mistake silver hair for a change in light, possibly to prove we're still light years away from the finish line if not nowhere near it but it's quite the opposite. Quite the surprise.

We sat playing by the artichoke green tree settled in our living room like the decorations that seem to always be there. We ate delicious dinners and filling leftovers, laughed at old jokes and made new promises, figured out the ways to catch bad guys and share the x-box controller at peak times. We snuggled and made our three seater sofa the favourite spot most of the time. How was your Christmas, friends? xx             

quiet time, christmas, festive goodness,

festive goodness, christmas magic,

christmas magic, family christmas,

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  1. I love spending quiet time together, they are my best moments. :)