by - Wednesday, December 17, 2014

salt dough decorations, christmas art project, christmas art,

We do spend time in our kitchen, please believe it friends. We may produce a decent meal or coffee, but immediately after our Christmas tree was up, the kitchen hasn't seen more commotion. Cookies, salt dough decorations, quick warm meals for after five pm dinners, you guys we're on a roll! It smells divine in our kitchen in December. Just thinking about coming home and flipping some ingredients on the pan makes me giddy. This easy recipe for festive ornaments and fragile figurines is coming right at ya - when combining 300g flour with the same amount of salt, 200ml of water and two tablespoons of oil, in under five minutes flat you'll be able to squeeze the dough into any shape you like (you may need more flour to make the dough less sticky). And you may like odd shapes like we do - from spiders or mice to crooked houses so don't rush the process, just keep experimenting. Yes, they're not edible but so good looking it's a shame there's not an ounce of sugar in the mixture. 

Apart from getting busy above the stove, we obsessively wait to open one present each morning, with our messy morning hair on and twisted pajama bottoms. Not even wanting to use the toilet first. Yes, Christmas morning is being repeated each dawn around here and there's definitely no escaping this in coming days. (And enjoy the images of my sweet kitchen assistant helping whenever help is needed between hours of playing Lego Movie on xbox and using up all stickers that have still good useable glue on them). 
Have a great day, friends! x  

arts and crafts, christmas project, christmas art, salt dough decorations,
christmas art, salt dough decorations, home,
arts and crafts, christmas magic, salt dough decorations,

christmas art project, salt dough decorations, home, arts and crafts,

hanging decorations, salt dough decorations,

christmas art, christmas magic, home,

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  1. The christmas tree ornament is adorable! This is a great idea for a Christmas craft :)

  2. Those dough creations look so yummy they can be mistaken for a sweet produce. Wonderful idea, girls :)