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Now that I have realized the discomfort from sitting on the fence, the turnaround in attitude is pretty obvious. Will it be a long read? Coffee-break subject at least? I'll be serious in short paragraphs and say silly things in others. I also realized it's December which makes my ramblings a bit more appropriate, like ending a chapter with a few wise thoughts not making much sense at times.

Am I moving forward? Am I hardly moving? I try to avoid posting articles revealing uncomfortable truths yet they are available exclusively between lines and behind highly pigmented lipstick. Just help yourselves whenever you please. Where do I start? I'm a person who avoids being busy, I get anxious when there is too many things going on yet I always plan to have hands full. I know, silly as my moves on the dancefloor. I've been spending days convinced the world is waiting with open arms for when I'm ready to go for it. I love challenges, new beginnings, first page of a freshly printed book but I have never allowed myself to see what’s on the next page and the one after it. I never happened to find out if there was a happy ending. I've been finding it easy to start off nicely but somehow in the process (and fairly quickly in that matter), I'm off the course. Off for a long time or for good. It's a super simple way to never achieve anything if you wanna take tips ;) Dreaming big while briefly focusing on living and enjoying life is what I do best. Worked it to perfection. It cannot end well, waiting for my ship to come instead of swimming out to it.

I took a very safe path but I won't announce to make every effort to keep my 2015 calendar busy, to be unstoppable to conquer every spare moment. It's not about days filled to the brim, it's about time filled with purpose. My hope is to try again, with excitement and a dose of anticipation in every most convenient time of my life. Celebrating a birthday in a season stuffed with so much meaning helps with organizing my head, prioritizing tasks, articulating resolutions. Hardly glamorous job when getting glammed up for the big night out but essential one for sure. I wanna make room for things I cannot quite verbally describe but which fall into other categories than weekly shopping or finding the best lipstick to suit my skin tone. No commitments, just prioritizing and hoping for the best. I'm very much looking forward to you new year, I really do. x     

‘If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it. If you don’t ask, the answer is always no. If you don’t step forward, you’re always in the same place.’ Nora Roberts     

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  1. I'm sure you'll achieve anything you set up your eyes on. Good luck with everything!!