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Finally there's a sign of existence over here! I'm not hibernating, promise. I'm just getting my act together but here, this is what was happening before I stopped overflowing with ideas. x

Cutting my bangs was a major do. I had a fringe at the age of seven so I never really knew the purpose of looking forward to sporting it again, that long time ago it was. Like there were no memories attached to a tangled batch of hair. So I did it and let it grow out completely for the past month allowing it to cover my eyebrows and take over the top lash line before I found the way to a hairdresser. What a weird, wonderful state. Trimming bangs is a fairly simple process, isn't it? It turns out it is not. I ended up with an inch of a fringe gap from the eyebrows and at least a month of figuring out the right decisions how to style it. 

If you happen to live in suede in a place that doesn't respect suede, it can be hard. Not good looking and special in any way. So I turned to leather and artificially made material, anything that won't hold water and produce stains. This weather has made me respond this way.

The world looks a lot prettier from the top. Yes, our neighborhood looks fancier from upstairs of a double decker bus we ride to school and back. We rotate our seats with the front row beating all others, we peek into fenced gardens and laugh at the crowds in the heavy rain (sorry!). And we're not too keen on going down the stairs anytime soon.

Am I the only mama wearing hat these days? Have I got no ally on the school playground? How do you decide what is essential and what is just a trend? What is a lightweight option then? Be mindful and help me out here, please.  

I love when Damian takes care of us girls. We needed access to the hallway mirror and how could we when there was his enormous bike taking all that space? I disliked the thing since the day it arrived and stayed in there never moving an inch when I needed to adjust a piece of clothing or two. We were not meant to be pals. One morning a while ago I happen to jump in front of the mirror without a slightest trouble using the whole space to swish and turn. It didn't occur to me something was missing. I nearly crushed Damian's ribs in excitement for moving his two wheels to the storage area for winter (so there's no joy when the summer rolls around).   

Enjoy the weekend friends, definitely x

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