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Finding an activity we all enjoy is easy. Making it the one a single person has fun with can take a while so I'm thrilled when books and notebooks get their use without me even knowing. They get pulled out on regular basis whether it'll be a lonesome or group activity. Nadia keeps shifting from one idea to another so seeing her turning some pages is all thumbs up. We don't read too often but the few but so good books in our possession are the best by far. Her reading skills are in progress where joy and challenges go hand in hand but it works surprisingly well with her telling the stories through images and pictures and I love stopping in my tracks, dropping what I'm doing to witness how she's building her imagination through lonesome activities. 

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Writing is mostly a group occupation that never fails to bring both excitement and restlessness to the table. She is such a dedicated learner with her pen pressed so hard it leaves marks on the other side of page, her tongue slightly sticking out while concentrating on dots and lines. The best part is, it's completely enjoyable with the company of a girl I adore and lasts as long as we're in abundance of ideas and/or patience. Some numbers come out as their mirror reflection occasionally (one and five being the most popular of the lot) and we're unstoppable to keep practicing drawing them the right way. Those moments seem to be super addictive. And they'll continue to be for days to come. x   

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mama in me, favourite books, school ready,

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  1. love it when the kids are able to find a solitary activity..
    books are a big part of our daily routine..