by - Saturday, November 01, 2014

cousins, playing Lego, girl and boy,
fabulous to be in the minority, cousins, playing Lego, girl and boy,
cousins, playing Lego, girl and boy,, family time

Long overdue, but I finally got round to downloading and showing you the day we returned from holiday this summer. Tired as we were, still in our travel gear and making no effort to satisfy our hunger, we grabbed some gifts we bought for Nadia's cousins and headed to meet them as there's nothing more rewarding than seeing your kids reach to each other after such a long break in playing and refusing to play. It was exciting especially there was Lego on hand, a girl or boy favourite. Dads got involved, mums stepped aside, kids watched impatiently as the creatures came to plastic life. Being little girl among little boys is a delight to watch daily, seeing her navigating skillfully through car races and sword fights armed with charm and delicacy simply melts my heart. She loves her cousins to bits, announces cheerfully what she is going to tell them when they meet (showing off new dress or a hair piece waiting for their ecstatic response but really there's only a confused smile she gets in return. We really need to work on the boys a lot more.) and gets immersed in their motorized world more than they get entwined with hers.  

And then we had pizza to satisfy our hunger and discovered that some of the time tomboy-ish nature is meant to be to balance all that girlishness there is accumulated. Have a fabulous weekend, friends. xx     

pizza ready to go, cousins, playing Lego, girl and boy,
boy and girl, cousins, playing Lego, girl and boy,

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  1. Amazing pictures! Happy Friday!

  2. Lovely blog! Would you like to follow each other?
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  3. love family time together. playing with my cousins was always a treat to me.