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This month belongs to her. With its raging wind enjoying lots of drama on our heads and all that can physically fit in our hands that can be difficult to get around with at times - you get the picture of one of the most family friendly scenarios these days (imagine scooter, rainboots, umbrellas carrying mama fighting with the fringe she's only becoming familiar with hauling it all up a double decker's higher floor). If I could compare Nadia's personality to a season, it would definitely be the English autumn: sunny cool mornings combined with wet afternoons stretching towards evenings and beyond. Or the other way round or just completely unpredictably different making the school run even less manageable but oh so fun. I was going to talk about this special day in a calendar that belongs to her completely and is abundant in things unpractical but beautiful however we tried hard on the practical side a bit more this year. Her birthday, my favourite time of the year. Party followed the next sunny afternoon as a last minute plan and I am eternally thankful for places that come up with own ideas and are stocked to the last themed napkin. We made lots more friends than any other previous year so we wanted to accommodate them accordingly. Bunkering down at home and sitting in six or more on a three seater definitely stopped feeling enjoyable even eating a lot of good food. Lack of a garden or safe outside space turned my attention to a soft play area kids can go unattended for longer than it is parentally acceptable. 

They ran, slid, made memories in bruises and chocolate birthday cake stains on bubblegum leggins voluntarily. Friends from kindergarten and a new friend from school, girls she loves having around and boys she's never tired to team up with were there. It was nice to catch up with mums on latest school lunches, holiday spots they recommend and generally admitting new emotions since starting school no one was really prepared for.           
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►►► A thing worth noting about this photo - sometimes a big party is definitely too much for a girl to handle and all she can think of is how much coins she would need to buy another hero in her X-box game. Or anything else that may require more attention at that time. Undisturbed and thoughtfully preserved digitally.    
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►►► Some gifts were on the practical side but it wasn't a requirement, just a bonus.

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  1. Wow! Happy birthday. She's five,great photos. It's obvious you guys had so much fun.

  2. What a great party, great atmosphere and what a fabulous milestone in our lives. Love you loads my little princess!!

  3. Hi Eli,

    Happy fifth birthday to your gorgeous sweet girl and looks like a fabulous party was had.
    Many thanks for the kind visit and note you left me - I appreciate this very much.
    Enjoy the weekend