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Leave a girl in a room full of clothes she's allowed to try on and you know she's been ready for it since the early rising that day. And the huge bonus? Clothes that actually fit after generations, historic tribulations and too much pungent lye soap. Or they might be just replicas therefore you're totally entitled to ignore the introduction. It felt so festive trying on those bonnets and high-waisted Regency frocks and somehow they were only fabrics but easily managed to entwine us tight with the spirit ruled by elegance and etiquette. Let me throw an annual Jane Austen Festival into the mix and I never loved a place before. It turns out Bath could be our next best old streets. Until then, I'm back to the seaside.  

We went to Bath, a beautiful town in neighbouring district and it was an intense day of walking, visiting museums, trying to check in on time while moving in ultra slow motion, eating sushi and chasing balloons. Me and my friend have been talking about exploring a new town at every occasion, coffee involved or not and we just could not wait any longer. And success. And it happened. 

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►►► Everyone was a bit overwhelmed with the abundance of history and fairytale surroundings. Especially this little girl with a big enthusiasm. 
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►►► It's a very well known practice to write your deepest wishes down and leave for the folks to read therefore you may have a difficult time choosing what to leave behind. Notes of a doubtful value but so irresistible not to get carried away.
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After a quick snack-lunch from Yen Sushi eaten on a wooden bench observing Nadia pretend-playing and making notes in her pink notebook while running the way heroes do we headed to Fashion Museum followed by Jane Austen Centre we entered at the last minute. While wandering down the streets we were spotting remains of ancient times literally everywhere. I knew they'd absolutely be well loved if we moved down here. But two and a half hour drive away from our dearest and well recognized? Hard thought to bear. It is a beautiful little place for sure, with talented singers popping up at bigger squares singing the way I'd never hear someone entertain others going by their own ways, getting on with their daily chores and stuff. The sound flew beyond the walls of stone, we were mesmerized.

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There was also Bath Abbey and The Roman Baths on our guide printed earlier for our wild exploring ideas. I love old places that seen and experienced more just by standing still. It was pleasant and airy, and dark and scary at times so the bundle of energy of mine broke in tears on one occasion wanting to be back to daddy. So we sat on our own, talked a little, hugged a lot, decided on a chocolate ice cream and went off to look for my friend exploring the intensive way of reading and touching the place almost piece by piece. We're not so sure we could do that.   

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And since it was still so nice while getting dark, we decided to wander over to the bridge that was already closed for the roving public. It didn't stop us to take some pictures and promise to make it within social hours next time. Have a great day, friends! x

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  1. The more you travel, the more excited I become. If I only had enough time to join you. XX