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Nadia really loves jumping up on the windowsill (with securely locked windows) in the lounge to greet her friends still chasing balls or riding their bikes on the parking space outside to see who she will have most success with. Most probably she would be already in her pajamas putting the bedtime off a minute or two. One time there was a friend visiting her friend from downstairs and Nadia knocked on the window for the girl to look up. Then she came to me saying that the girl looked up and waved to her. I asked if Nadia waved back. She replied: "No, I didn't. I was shy."

There was this little disturbing pimple on Nadia's cheek once she woke up so she came up to me all concerned asking what colour it was. 

We were playing restaurant the other day and I asked what she is serving today. "We have chicken, fries and ketchup." Than went away to check what else and came back saying: "We also serve salt."

Before our visit to Bath I was checking all the attractions we would be visiting telling Damian that most of the places offered free entry for children under five and I kept mindlessly repeating: Nadia is free here, she's free here... Then she said to me all confused: "I'm four, not three."

We like watching Disney classic fairy tales and the other day Nadia came to me saying: "I always cry when there is sad music." Oh, my sensitive little heart. She also cried when the Beast from "Beauty and the Beast" was dying in the arms of Belle. 

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  1. She's just so precious. I love what she says and does. Can't get enough of this golden hair and infectious smile. XX

  2. She's way too cute! Oh no, I'm sorry to hear she cries when she hears sad music :(