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beauty uniform, beauty routine, today my way blog, make up
I thought I'd share some of my everyday rituals and tell you more about that fringe I felt inspired enough to sport it. Enjoy and let me know your tips! x

What makeup do you wear?
I wear tested products over and over again but quite often splurge on new items that vow to add more glow to my appearance. I don't leave house without a blusher which I apply on the tip of my nose as well for more girlie look. For the eyes I am using a smudge of brown eyeshadow paired with Benefit's They're Real black mascara and just recently brown Essence eye pencil. Sometimes I line my eyes with a liquid liner, most probably to achieve an evening look. I'm not a lipstick girl but just recently have discovered its miraculous influence on my mood so I usually bring color to my lips with pink shade as seen above. When I’m going out, I’ll wear a light foundation with SPF and some concealer.

Do you have any secret little tricks that make you feel great?
Feeling put together, with a light make up and nicely done hair I feel quite great so the days I skip applying colour to my face I'd rather stay indoors and stop confusing people. I love having my nails done, sometimes just a pale beige layer can do wonders, more artful creations are my definite pick me up.

beauty uniform, beauty routine, today my way blog, bangs, fringe
What's your night time routine? 
I don't really have routine as such, it mostly depends on my general mood that day or the activities we enjoyed but I love to catch up on some magazines curled up on the sofa while my daughter and husband kill those bad guys on x-box. On the contrary my beauty routine is pretty regimental - I always cleanse before going to bed, put a night cream on before peeling those dead cells off regularly. I mix my products for that purpose - if the cream is more on the expensive side, my peeling happens to get produced in my own kitchen (a mix of  honey, lemon juice and sugar).   

What's your stance on bath vs. shower?
I enjoy not complicated showers in the morning but adore occasional baths, especially when the days are shorter, colder and more bath-encouraging. 

beauty uniform, sunburn, pale and happy, today my way blog, make up
►►► Sometimes I do forget to re-apply that flipping sunscreen and end up like a nicely cooked lobster.
How do you take care of your hair?  
That's funny! My hair routine is pretty non-existent, I'm not really a great hair stylist so I usually follow its lead - wash when it's needed, condition when I remember to. However since cutting my bangs just a few weeks ago, more thought goes into the process of keeping them looking good. I use some heat-protecting products, flat iron to keep them straight yet a little rounded. I rarely wear my hair down, does it say something about my personality too?

Do you eat any foods that make you feel great?
I believe that certain food can make you feel great and as an occasional snack they shouldn't be avoided. Having said that I could drink vegan peanut butter banana smoothie as there's no tomorrow but I stick to times when my bananas get little too ripe and blend them excitedly for my snack.

beauty uniform, beauty routine, today my way blog, make up
What do you pack when you travel?
Pretty much the same products I have stacked in my bathroom. Why would I avoid something I desperately need on hourly basis?

Do you have a signature scent? 
Yes and no. I like to change my scents, try some masculine fragrances (Damian's Hermes small dose does more than a full bottle of floral magnificence) yet if I like it I'll stick to it for a while and come back to it some time later on. In my early twenties my mum gifted me with an Avon's Passion Dance for my birthday and I loved it ever since (it's still on the market!). I was loyal to Be Delicious DKNY and Irresistible Givenchy for a while but now I just want to smell like as many beautiful things as I can!

Does Damian have a favourite look of yours?
Yes and he would force it on me if he could! He'd love me to wear my hair down a lot more and stop using too much hair spray as it can look too sleek for his liking. He's not a fan of lipsticks as they're not that kissable. For the overall look, dress showing curves and enhancing obvious roundness would please his eyes so occasionally he is for a treat.  

Do you have an overall beauty philosophy?  
There are things I will never skip using like SPF's, eye pencils, experiment with new colours and products but generally I don't freak out over aging process or minor skin imperfections. I may be concerned about too much sun exposure but that's about it. 

Questions found on A cup of Jo.

beauty uniform, beauty routine, today my way blog, make up, bangs

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  1. Loved reading these facts abt you look gorgeous in those pics!

  2. Your skin is so beautiful - your regime looks like it works perfectly for you! That vegan smoothie sounds so good too, love.
    Never, ever forget how gorgeous you are, inside and out! <3

  3. And I thought it was just your charm... Loving you to bits :)

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