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Wasn't it a great summer? How was it for you, friends? I still haven't posted a ton of photos from our holiday yet there are new ideas awaiting, deadlines approaching and school starts up for us here in over a week. As we've been counting objects and learning the alphabet, I'll leave you with a list of school essentials. Our one and only version. x    

Artist. Every artist is most pleased when given generous amounts of supplies they can work on with the skills they posses and the excitement it will produce. Not to mention a great piece of art as a result. Using scissors independently, gluing, holding a pencil... those are the skills we’ve worked on since the last diaper change.
Ballerina. We’re not giving up on those pink tutus anytime soon! In fact I have been checking lots of ballet schools in our area to compare their achievements, confirm availability and as long as there is a picture of happiness on Nadia’s face before heading to class, we sure gonna stick to swishing and pirouetting. And I’ll look forward to sharing it.
Curious plate. Between getting to know each other and trying to focus on what teachers say there will be time of a great consternation what the plates represent. Trying to find a comfortable way of encouraging this little girl to taste new things at snack times I’ll stick to what our kitchen offers with variations according to seasons and Nadia's suggestions.
Dress me pink. Not a chance at this time but we may smuggle a little hair pin or an ear stud undetectably some mornings. Technically Nadia is able to dress and undress herself but making sure it doesn’t give her unnecessary headache while doing it on her own, Velcro straps and easy to open and close snaps are a heaven sent helping children with their first steps into independence.
Energetic. It is understatement. I’ve been noticing all the special things about Nadia and the amount of energy that gets distributed (not that all evenly) throughout the day. There are new and old fascinations taking over, she insists on constant motion. More wheels, louder squealing, yes we'll continue moving forward. 

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First day. Before and after the big day I am sure to steal as many kisses from this girl as I can. She’ll know where to find her favourite toy and a drink, who her teachers are. We’ll even try to look out for her kindergarten friend, Edward to go through the school gate together with lunch boxes in their fists.   
Games. It’s still all fun and games at this stage and believe me I’m dealing with an expert in this matter. Such a great surprise, these days we like to frisk on the sofa, tickle each other and giggle with delight. I thought those days of carefree frolicking are far beyond us and only associated with a milk and powder smelling baby. But I will always be up for our playtimes and look forward to them daily!
Holiday. As it came and went, it will come back and go again. Half terms, holidays, weekends and evenings promise plenty to be excited about.  
Ideas. They're more like our playtimes except even more awesome. And I'm content to watch whatever Nadia likes to come up with. 
Just your name. Writing, recognizing it has Nadia pretty excited. I bet finding it all over her school uniform will get her more than happy. What wonderful moments those little nametags will share with her. 
Kindergarten friends. They know you better than any review that gets sent to a big school. They may have strong opinions and nicer toys but they are your first friends and you want to have them (or some of them) in your life. I understand.
Lessons. Those in English and in patience. In sitting still and running erratically. Lessons of self-sufficiency and when to ask for help. Mastering basic skills of blowing own nose and drying hands using less than half a paper towel dispenser.
Mornings. Not a good idea to interrupt a child savouring the last moments of her sleep. Gently rubbing her back or planting a soft kiss on her forehead does the trick and here she is running straight into the kitchen. Practicing our morning routine is more like accomplishing a little with a great amount of fun. It is crucial though to know what needs to be done and who does what in certain time. We opt for a lot of joy out of a tad stressful situation.

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Night owls. Our days are mostly full of whatever we want to do that time and sometimes, you know those days tend to be very long as we're quite laid back about going to bed times. This muffin definitely belongs to an owl family. Wish us luck as we attempt to create an evening routine. Key word: attempt.  
Old toys. We try to rotate Nadia’s toys pretty regularly, some of them have been hidden from sight for nearly a lifetime, sure this time more space will be dedicated to exercise books and sharp ended pencils. Fancy dresses will give way to school uniform but there will always be bunch of favourite plush limbs allowed. And that’s just how it should be, you know.
Pretty please. And a thank you and good bye. Being able to talk to adults and ask questions on events happens slowly for this lady. She is an observant child, a one that will wait her turn and get what she’s given. It makes me worry and it makes me appreciate my child with her unique personality. The years that have gone by were preparation for this moment, any moment that she will dig from the chest of skills and experiences without me noticing. I am hopeful and I am proud.    
Roast chicken. Or any other healthy and nutritious meal will make me feel useful again. It’s not a  secret that Damian’s cooking is our everything. Yet with more time on my hands I’m eager to show off my cooking skills, not to say that I have it all figured out but if ingredients cooperate we’re on the right path.
Stories. I have a feeling princesses are very essential in a little girl's life. So are superheros. It's rather cool living with them under one roof. 
Television. There is a lot that goes on between eating and playing and scrapping elbows. We watch cartoons and children’s movies, we laugh at those surreal concepts. Though with all those box office hits, there has been a lot of cuddling. That is good.
U and me. Joining in with activities, taking turns and sharing with peers, those are very good combinations. 
Wild numbers. No educational journey is complete without knowing your age, your best friend's age or the amount of jelly beans you can eat before breakfast. The same goes with recognizing your name, writing it in as many variations as possible and telling everyone about it in more detail they’re ready for.
Years. Of hair brushed neatly, walking hand in hand to the school gate, greeting her again and burying my face in sweet unkempt hair. 

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  1. Ah dear, these are definitely some great tips. I have a nephew who's started going to kindergarden the other day and he.. well, he doesn't really like it because he doesn't know anyone. I will definitely tell my sister to check out your post!

  2. Mine started pre k joyously.. he loves school.. but he barely felt the transition this time because not a lot changed.. he is going to the same school, same friends and by chance even the same teacher (promoted) and all summer he attended summer camp and was waking and sleeping early everyday.. next year will be a different story.

  3. She is so cute! I'm sure she'll love school. :)

  4. After a great summer, she will be unstoppable in making new friends. I loved reading this alphabet, simple but powerful. :)