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I will try to impress you and show you my new challenge. Actually I'm more for impressing my post-winter body that asks for more than just a simple routine and turning towards argan oil seems exactly right. I am an oil girl, anything of a dense texture, easy to hate after application... just pass it along, please. I may not be touchable for like forever but I'm nothing short of ecstatic when a golden syrup is running down those freckles and beauty spots. This summer I have slightly neglected my sensitive, easily irritated by the environment skin and giving it some extra attention and love each day will have to fit around other more or less consistently practiced routines. I'm especially excited for the hair and body oil that promises more than just boosting my mood with its ridiculously amazing scent. The Body Shop recommends the whole ritual of golden radiance you can see here, I may try to squeeze it all in less than a quarter of an hour definitely reporting back if the whole bunch has been as effective as it is declared by the brand. It's not a sponsored post in any way, only my body's yearning for some moisture and less visible imperfections and the brand has been my personal favourite for a while (organic, fair trade, cruelty free, not to mention the fabulousness to the skin), so it made sense to include it in a few of my favourite lonesome activities that happen sporadically in the busiest seasons (and nothing beats a lot of golden syrup running down those freckles, ya know). 

Anyway my friends, our life has gotten so busy I can barely take a breath without doing thousand other things at the same time. Summer came and went, we're into exciting new projects if the pair of scissors has been involved or not and I've stuffed myself silly with future posts I am so happy to share with you. There's also an exciting giveaway creeping slowly no matter if you're oil girls or lighter texture seeking gals. I will please both. 
Have a great week, peeps! xx    

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  1. Amazing products!

  2. nice product

  3. I loved the smell of argan oil so you have a green light to use it all the time ;).
    I'm curious for results.