by - Thursday, August 07, 2014

tiger heart, black and white, my style

tiger heart, outfit post, my style, styling awesome

family photos, threesome activities, tiger heart
Top: Mango ,Skirt: River Island, Bag: H&M, Sandals: Next

I am anxiously awaiting some big moves that will shake the ground even with the quietest of roar. I'm especially excited to witness a few of my personal preferences shift out of the comfort zone I plan to reduce more and more by each week. And the summer has been very supportive to me, I feel I'm capable of anything I attempt to do to my hair, bank account, relationship. I'm ready to put my foot forward hoping to handle new situations with enough grace and gratitude this planet has witnessed. And speaking of feathers - a new routine is next in line to get entirely rearranged - do you think I can style my hair less and still look perfection or somewhere near it? A specific dyeing is in order, a little shredding or a fringe I'm not so familiar with. And I absolutely have to do it now that I told you. 

P.S. The photo... We tried to hide from sudden rainpour but got soaked eventually when attempted suicidal walk home. Pictures of a pitiful state we failed to avoid will never make it online. I have plenty of images you may like much more so that we can stay positively connected. Happy Thursday, friends xx   

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  1. really cute pics :)
    thanks for your comment
    have a nice day

  2. Lovely pictures and mix of prints!

  3. You girls are my favourite (not only on that picture) ;)

  4. Stepping out of your comfort zone is always great :) I used to be so frightened of my routine changing, being in situations where I don't have total control. As soon as I let go of that, I found that it's not as scary as one may think :)

    Love your outfit and that picture with your little girl is so, so precious!

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    1. You're totally right, Paula. Changes are frightening but there are more to discover about ourselves if we let them happen. xx

  5. you look lovely
    and such a great look !


  6. Great outfit, chic and comfy like I like ;) I'm also in the process of thinking about my hair and make some changes, good luck ;) xoxo

  7. Omg you girls look adorable and so pretty. Love your top and skirt. Your hairdo looks amazing this way but I'm looking forward to your new one :)