by - Tuesday, August 19, 2014

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This seemed like an ordinary day but there are no ordinary days when you're on vacation with all five senses excessively used. We made sure the act of getting up was easy and there were not many preparations involved as less planned meant more inspired. It was best decision I made on an empty stomach so far. The temperature allowed us for more than just waltzing between flowerbeds noticing early sunlight filter through busy wings buzzing away vigorously all day long. I read an inspirational book, Damian was in charge of our picky dietary demands bringing deliciously ripe fruit to the table leaving Nadia finding her ways around what's accessible and a little limiting, suited to her current age and lifestyle (and taking her devoted grandma along with her). Seeing a Wonder Woman wearing a cape made of a finest terry come to life filled us with somewhat a bittersweet emotions. She is a happy, easily satisfied child, she loves being active and a little silly to entertain us big creatures but when it rarely involves those she's started loving only a couple of years ago the whole perspective of a good time changes. The trick here is to refill memories ever so often with the ones that have transformed our lives forever and are willing to stay inseparable without being overwhelming (whether it involves home-made capes or bouquets of randomly picked up flowers or not). A lot of interest came through simplest of activities - the obsession over weeding, rearranging and watering plants was real. So was the running and dancing so we thought a little body will naturally ease itself to sleep while we head for a date out. 

An adult evening was spontaneously arranged for an open-air watching movie. It got dark quickly, we found ourselves on a double date with my cousin, almost eaten alive by mosquitoes not afraid to cut through fabric, in my opinion a pretty brutal thing to do. The dress code was obvious - if you don't want to count the itchy spots for the rest of the next week, you pull your best pants on, cover bare skin, laugh hysterically at Black Cat White Cat by Kusturica. Just to say, bare skin was unfortunately visible so pretend not to notice the insect bites on the photos. Because they are there like moles or birthmarks. Only more hated. It was a great night of same-minded people enjoying toothless smiles on a big inviting screen. We didn't intend to stay up past the movie so heading straight home felt as a relaxed ending to a beautiful date. How surprised we were to find a little unkempt head looking out the window and waving to us at almost midnight without a slightest care in the world. If you're in the mood for playing and parents will not be back soon, not used to being looked after by others, Nadia took full advantage of the time and space that was available for her. Only the next evening we arranged similar expedition so coming up with a new plan how to handle a five year old's bedtime routine on holiday was more than appropriate. Did it go as pre-planned? This girl's dedication to fun is beyond our comprehension. But there are no ordinary days while on vacation...          
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the tale of the ordinary, grandma, flowers, garden

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  1. Adorable post! Love the photos!


  2. These photos are so sweet. And that tiny snail is so cute. I love how fresh these photos are!

    1. Thank you. They will remind us what a great time we had. x

  3. Being active or lounging all day - doesn't matter as long as we're together and there's plenty of ripe fruit around :)

    1. And our little muffin enjoying everything! x