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holiday, velvet flowers
the long awaited story, poland
awesome day, flowers, garden, poland

The perks of admiring the views of a well-kept, inviting garden means in short sharing all the work and excitement with everybody involved in creating it. So getting personal resulted in watering the plants with old, rusted equipment that is way fancier than any pink, decorated in daisies watering can, hand-picking last rays of sun in juicy roundness of half-wild grown produce that never made it home (too accessible, too delicious). We never found the balance between the responsible and frivolous, I'm pretty sure this was the reason why we spent so much time hidden behind the tall hedge and mallows slowly being eaten by the army of snails not nearly as interested in next door plants as they were in ours. We spent time catching butterflies, reading, sleeping, talking, listening to the local radio station humming sounds of sorts. And my floral skirt galore I present up close because it felt right to steal some snaps in the presence of natural beauty being seen around.  

Hey, and I'm back and I'm loving being back - catching up on your summer, sorting out through stuff I nabbed without guilt on holiday. That little, unintentionally extended silence on the blog was dedicated to things I've neglected crazily like actually finishing reading a book or finishing watching a movie. It is however a total pleasure to write again, resize images and feel you coming and staying. Thank you!       

awaited story, holiday season
holiday season, poland, explore the world
explore the world, poland, girl in garden

watering plants, poland, family fun
family fun, poland, the long awaited story
garden, family fun, summer activities
family fun, plants, garden

There was nobody to pet and not a soul to chase or run from in delight but still there was lots to do and more. We served as companions for all ideas, weird or subtly disturbing to a parent's heart. And now for the hat that served me well throughout the days of shocking temperatures. It was enough to the soul to get the rays enjoying its journey and stopping just below the black ribbon on the brim but there were times when it was too spontaneous for me to react. So my tan happens because the sky tries so hard. Catches me unprepared and unsuspecting. Not kind, summer.    

girl and her hat, garden, poland, summer
summer, flowers, awesome time
poland, fruit, awaited story
resting in shade, poland, explore the world
awesome day, flowers, family activities
family time, family fun, garden

poland, explore the world, summer, summer activities
little girl, fun time, summer, summer activities

the long awaited story, today my way blog
►►► Sunbathing, resting, daydreaming? Never! Has this girl have time for such things? P.S. Well guessed, Sleeping Beauty in half gear. Anything to be living the dream. x 

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  1. What a gorgeous garden - I would curl up and take a nap there too! Your hat is perfect, as is everything about this post. Gorgeous, gorgeous imagery.

    1. Thank you, Allison. To be absolutely honest, we did nothing than enjoyed ourselves.
      Have a great summer, too xx

  2. You can always put together the best images, the loveliest of moods.
    Garden is always looking great when there are little feet enjoying it :)

    1. It will never tire me out to chase this little munchkin. xxx