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Firstly, I think you've seen some of the photos of places I grew up in on many occasions. Secondly, you've read about them in fair amounts already and thirdly... I still have some more to show you and will keep on highlighting them in years to come because they are taken in my happy place, the one I cherish the most. When you have something that your heart skips frantically just by thinking about it, you return to it time and time again especially when some of the people dear to your heart are still part of it. It makes me giggle just visualizing taking the train to places I've known by heart, hiking in the tall grass and soaking up the vibe of slow paced days among randomly located poppy fields. We don't usually plan what we are going to be doing in places I know they would surprise us if we try or not, this day started casually too - we spent the morning till evening roaming quiet streets and backtracks with my dad and two favorite people in the world. We're always up for an adventure. The day was hot and sunny, the water in the lake so inviting we just couldn't skip the pedal boat experience giving me all shades of pink not curable for entire week. I know I turned heads snapping away scenes of a random day but I found so much comfort in preserving them digitally, I didn't really mind being center of attention of this sleepy little town.  

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summer, magnificent day, family, my dad, poland, todaymyway.com
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travel, poland, summer, magnificent day, todaymyway.com

The weather forecast tried to prepare us for colder days so closed shoes and long sleeve tops found their way to my suitcase. And as usual when a girl has to play it cool, I think I handled the warmer front rather well as layering was not an option. I just wish my toes had more occasions to peek out and enjoy the sunshine. Next time folks, promise. We ate on the go, nobody is really sit-at-a-table-and-eat kind of person around here anyway so finger food and ready made meals were to follow our steps. And I loved witnessing how this little lady of mine is developing a relationship with places of my childhood, creating bond with the views locked in my heart for eternity. Seems like nothing has been touched here yet everything is different. In a good way for sure. xx 

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sun, summer, lake, poland, family, todaymyway.com
girls at the lake, magnificent day, family, poland, summer, todaymyway.com

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