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poland, woods, lake, memories
poland, memories, family time, uncle

I remember walking to school with my brother and a group of girls and boys from our neighbourhood every day from age eight onwards. In the summer, days had us spending most of our time outdoors, unsupervised, climbing hazelnut trees, dipping toes in the waters of wild rivers, eating home grown or wild unwashed fruit, riding bikes or exploring deeply mysterious woods nearby with all the other kids doing just the same. My mum was not always sure of where we were. We took fresh air and the open space for granted, it all belonged to us. We used our imagination and creativity in our escapades, scrapped knee was only a two minute drama because others were waiting to dip into a game of pigeon hunting or finding the best you'll-never-find-me spots. 

And then on our recent holiday in Poland where I spent most of my life, my uncle showed us round his neighbourhood that reminded me of a place I used to run wild as a child. My mind was looking to recreate a texture of the sludgy bottom of the lake I was taking my first lessons in swimming, the subtly intoxicating in all weather scent of nature I remember without hints; leaves, pine cones, interesting undergrowth finds that accessorized my space back then and are even more intriguing now. I'm convinced I'd feel at my happiest here at any time of the year making it the loveliest reading/relaxing nook in the world.    

in the woods, childhood, lake, family time

neighbourhood tour, poland, explore the world
poland, childhood, memories, lake

Now I'm looking at such places as oasis of relaxation not a treasure hunt; I'd turn my face towards the sun with an interesting collection of letters in hand instead of chasing ducks in the tall grass. I'm all for calming, lounging experience but don't say anything to Nadia who's been in an adventurous mode ever since. Being so desk-bound these days, my kind of relaxing is the kind that takes me back to dearest and most innocent times in my history, feeling a little homesick is only a slight exaggeration. We met my uncle and his partner twice this time around as their company is nothing but uplifting and so laid back I wish I could create myself. He is my grandma's youngest brother I mentioned here a couple of times before. An avid traveler, photographer and computer enthusiast has a heart of gold and a lot of lovely places to show up his sleeve. We said our good byes to the shiny luminous surface and headed for delicious flavorful dinner at my uncle's place. We could stay longer and did, sharing stories over coffee and home made pie. I can't wait to show you more of what we did and what didn't disappoint. Happy summer, friends x 
us girls, poland, exploring, lake, the woods
poland, memories, summer, summer activities
summer, family time, exploring
summr time, exploring, poland
poland, family time, in the woods, holidays
nadia, family time, childhood, memories
explore the world, in the grass, in the woods
awesome time, poland, exploring

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  1. Adorable photos!


  2. What a lovely place, and such happy memories! We all need a peaceful place to be in nature.

  3. Hi Eli,

    How wonderful that you went back to your childhood places - I enjoyed seeing all your lovely photos - sounds a lot like my childhood where we were able to roam free and have wonderful

    happy days

    1. This exactly what I remember - roaming free and wild. All summers long xx

  4. The best thing about going back to places we used to roam free is that they're still there, more beautiful than ever, waiting and knowing that they are loved. XX

    1. I couldn't describe it better myself. xxx

  5. WOW, I had no idea that you grew up in Poland Eli, I did too! :)

    I love coming back to those familiar places, even as the time goes by, they never seem to change. It's almost as if I never left. Always a bit bittersweet experience though, but I should consider myself lucky, being able to go back and visit ;)

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    1. Hey, that's fantastic! I love coming back to the places of my childhood, Paula.
      Have a great day xx