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Wearing Rimmel Rouge a Levres Rossetto in Diva Red

As you probably know by now I have this thing for eye enhancers, directly speaking: mascaras, eyeliners, cheap or fancy eye shadows. But lipstick? A Cinderella of my beauty bag, neglected, pushed and shoved. But sometimes my glamorous side takes over and comes out in frivolous amounts of glossy. Or matte. This summer I've splurged on five different shades not steering away too much from a girly pink because if you're just starting up, don't back off of what works. Sooo the devil red... suddenly my features came alive! I loved it, especially when paired with denim jeans, nice pair of heels and a high ponytail. Am I getting too carried away?
Wearing Body Shop Colour Crush Shine in Fuchsia Flirt (No 15)
One of the favourites - however subtle that may look it feels way more sumptuous in person and adds an extra spot of warmth to my skin. With a lot more blusher on my cheeks I'd feel 25 again! 

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Wearing MAC Lustre in Syrup
Not too sure at first about this one, I nervously agreed to have it applied at the store - darker than natural colour of my lips immediately put them more in focus. A little more defined but still not shouting crazily like hot fuchsia or fiery red.

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Wearing Body Shop Colour Crush Shine in Poppy the Question (No 12)
A lot more shiny than the devil red one above kind of warms up my face making it look more lively and flirty. Not skipping the hot blusher which takes my makeup from being OK to much more appealing.
Wearing Primark P.S. Love...
Clearly nobody guessed but the juiciest, overwhelmingly exciting of all was my cheapish Primark find. It gets a lot of use, I have a habit of reapplying its soft texture alarmingly often. It stays on even when wiped off. It's about time to stock on it or wait for something better.

So far Nadia's seemed unconcerned with any of it. xx

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  1. All of these suit you SO well, especially the 'Diva Red' one! :)

    Style Sunrise☀


  2. All of the shades look beautiful on you Eli! I especially love the red on the first two photos, I think that it looks so gorgeous with your skin tone!

    My beauty and lifestyle blog

  3. I'm not much of a lipstick wearer, either! But the MAC "Syrup" is beautiful- I think it's perfect for you! I might like to try it, too.

  4. you are so adventurous with your lipstick choices! I have a bunch but only wear one or two regularly, or none at all! the fushia flirt and primark colour were my favourites on you!

  5. Couple of new products and the excitement only grows. I love you in all of them!