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You haven't been prepared to see me wearing glasses, have you? So I'm taking advantage of my favourite global online glasses and sunglasses store, Firmoo and hiding contact lenses away. For those of you wondering how a gal that is not confident enough to walk around four eyed is shouting out about her new beautiful frames, the answer is brief. As a shortsighted person I needed a break from my beloved, invisible friends being put away each night and greeted again every morning. I also wanted to break up a monotony and add something cool to complement -my not always- stylized look and how does one say no to an accessory for all seasons, in a shade that strikes their fancy? When Firmoo asked me to review their product I literally dropped what I was doing and rummaged through the office drawer to find that eyeglasses prescription. The pair I was super excited about was the one with a crazy pattern inside of frame and a mix of black and brown splashes on the outside called Tortoise. What I loved about choosing the right frame for the shape of my face was the possibility of uploading my photo and having fun 'trying on' different styles and designs to be perfectly sure I liked the way they fit. Totally worked! Once I was happy with the design, I had so many options I could choose from to customize my new accessory for best possible experience. 

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Although I opted for women's frames, I was hooked on many unisex designs which totally rocked my style. Every pair comes with a beautifully crafted high quality case featuring a map, a spectacle pouch, cleaning cloth and tiny screwdriver were also added to the mix. You are also presented with a detailed 'maintain method' of how to care for your eyewear (such as not to take off eyeglasses with a single hand as it can make the frame deform and which I was guilty of in the past). I've worn mine for over a week and figuring out what makes them work is easy: throw in to that mix of what I've said the delicacy of the product with its incredible durability and I've found the right formula. Made of high quality material can occasionally fall into hands of a curious child of mine but it only makes them more desirable. Oh, and taking an interesting case out of my handbag feels totally cool in any circumstances. I'm loving my new pair! Visit Firmoo website to browse their latest selection, I'm right beside to cheer your finds.   

So tell me about you. Do you switch between glasses and contacts or have you made that move for good? Do you enjoy wearing glasses? I'm curious to find out. xx 

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  1. Nice..they very well suite you :)

    Check out my new post Here!!!

    1. Thanks Bisma, they are the best thing that happened recently xx

  2. I wasn't sure what to expect seeing you in glasses but now I'm pretty sure you look your best. XX