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You could actually accuse me of turning this blog into a food space but I'm only using the images from my recent trip to Poland so it seems like the most logical choice. As you can imagine, there was a lot of edibles to choose from, leaving a lot of it untouched was the least logical of all. I like being invited over, I'm good at doing nothing productive over a glass of drink prepared with easiness and in relaxed atmosphere. I'm at the age and frame of mind that tea only tastes well if brewed over multiple topics at once. So yeah, make me one and we can get to details. 

I'm blessed with two great female friends that time seems to be speeding up in their presence. They're so different it amazes me. They both make me laugh, point at my achievements, both make fantastic coffee. I'm blessed with one being my soulmate, knowing me almost inside out and not hesitating to pull out more. The other's incredible ability to take my mind off of things to focus on the studs of a pair of fabulous shoes is beyond my financial capability. They look at me and laugh if the one I can talk to can still be fun and the one I have all the fun with is as good at heavy stuff as the other. They are, most definitely but I tend to have different relationship with both of them. You have to believe in such good fortune. Being separated from my soulmate due to the distance is no fun so it's more than understandable we start our dates with the heavy stuff, mix it up with a coffee or two, get back on track, add some crazy to balance the serious and my sanity is preserved. I'm lucky to have her, her insightful comments and ability to straighten me up. I'm lucky, that's her words. Lucky to be home with my daughter since her day one, lucky to have the opportunity of a weekend work. To sniff the garlic in a freshly baked dough morning after morning, to do more and enjoy as much. To share with her life lived differently. I'll see her again soon, I'll recognize my soulmate once more, will not take any of our time for granted. I'll linger and hang out a while admiring the table arrangement prepared with love just for me. It's hugely addictive, you know. x

P.S. Thank you so much for all your votes! You are rockstars! If you could please take a second and do it again today it would be great. Just awesome x

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  1. So yummy!!!

  2. Yummyy, this looks so delicious!!

    PS: I voted for you & followed you on Bloglovin ♥

  3. I have one friend like that, we are drinking one coffee for hours without even noticing ;) xoxo

    1. Those are the best moments, aren't they, Marija? Girls just want to have some fun x

  4. i have some new friends that are like that in my life. good vibes are coming my way here too!

  5. lovely text :)

  6. W O W !

    Happy weekend ;)

    My new is online, what do u think about?

  7. Looking so yummy!


  8. It's important to have friends around, I'm happy for your bunch of girlfriends :)

  9. Lovely post dear!

  10. This looks delicious

    Kiss kiss.*Jo