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Another day, another episode of what's reported to be the best time ever. We said our goodbyes to my dad and rushed into the arms of a big town cause you know, girls need not to be overwhelmed all at once. It was unbelievably hot as we walked through the gate of a neighbouring zoo to see most of the animals hiding in the shade and soon we had to start thinking like them enjoying mini breaks on benches scattered around on much too big area. Pure indulgence. Nadia was super excited to start with but didn't stay too long in one place, expected rather a lot from slow in their motion giraffes and other interesting creatures so it was noticeable enough we would move on with our life pretty soon finding things worth doing elsewhere. The highlight of the adventure was my dear friend we brought along to share sugar doughnuts and all the fun with to finally wrap the day up in her kitchen over delicious feta salad with garlic baguette, a feast that involves taking advantage of the first days of summer.       

animal world, giraffe, fantastic day at the zoo
fantastic time, family and fun, zoo
►►► Nadia spent a good portion of time calling the big neck of a giraffe to acknowledge her plush toy which required little to no effort as the friendly animal had no intention to look away from this little girl paired with her speckled replica.
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animal world, zoo, dinosaurs
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zoo, animal world, eventful day

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  1. That zoo looks fantastic! I love the dinosaurs, too. What a fun place to explore. :)

    1. Yes, we loved it thoroughly however Nadia kept us going and there was more walking than chilling on the benches. Have a fun day, Lindsay xx

  2. It's so much fun going to the zoo! The giraffes are my favorite. We go to the zoo probably once a week each summer!

    1. That's a great schedule! Nadia loved the giraffe too, couldn't stop calling it, it was so sweet xx

  3. These pictures are fantastic - it looks like such a magical time!

  4. Thank you for bringing memories back. I remember traipsing through the path of this zoo with you back in our early days. Fantastic trip XX