by - Sunday, June 22, 2014

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There are things that will never change, just like lyrics to any widely recognised song. Give it a new beat, fill the space with instruments, strip or boost frequencies - the words remain intact. Just like I will always look too slender, underweight, not eating enough for my parents' liking. Ten years before and ten years ahead. I'll always be greeted with kisses, hugs and a serious look down my clothes hanging too loose or showing the bony features instead and reminded the benefits of a full plate. Am I at peace with it? Yes and no. Yes, because I can't fight the norm, the way they will always worry about me; no because ugh! I have always been teeny tiny and I flipping like it and please, there are other things I do better than eat. And cook. Those we can discuss.

And Nadia, definitely my skin and bones, body that runs wild as it's watched from afar. The last one to finish her meal, the first to use up all energy generated from God knows what. She always preferred what her daddy cooked because well -- I am still learning and he has definitely improved. So there's abundance of poultry and side salads, bread, finger food on the go, occasional snack covered in cocoa mostly melting itself to its original form on the table. New veg are greeted with reluctance, fruit is limited to a few kinds. But it's changing, she keeps asking for new tastes, new colours, it is delight to watch her trying. And just on occasions she likes to have her English toast with jam or butter, eaten to the last crumb. We're catching up, definitely.       

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  1. So adorable!


  2. Toast looks good too, but not getting any close to my chicken ;)

    1. I know, I know but it still counts as something yummy xx