by - Thursday, June 26, 2014

ballerina, drawing queen
►►► Nadia is a ballerina, an adventurer, an artist, it really depends on her mood and resources available.
indoor fun, in pictures
►►► If I wear it, you wear it too... A reindeer stepping outside her comfort zone.
favourite moments, letters drawing
►►► Getting there at an impressively fast rate.
her face, fun pictures
►►► I need to kiss this face immediately!
more and more comfortable in our bed
►►► It's rare that you will ever find Nadia without some sort of creative accessories. Busy week ahead, lazy days around carpeted floor will always find her with less or more serious content to get focused on.
►►► She gets more and more comfortable in our big bed. Yep, that's exactly what's happening around here. And if absolutely necessary, she might just stay there.  
chalk drawing, summer activities
►►► Nadia's most beloved activity, sun or rain, school days or not. But let's be real -- the resources are vanishing faster than what says on the box so we do pay attention. 
pelican lamp
►►► A little something to make my workspace more fun. (Tweaking, changing, re-designing will always be my second name after I've taught the world to pronounce my first correctly ;)
old photo, favourite moments
►►► One vintage piece at a time (here are members of my dad's family, doesn't the photo look like a screenshot from Al Capone's movie?)
flying with her, girl's world
►►► There's a lot of hard work put into each letter and sign. And it makes all that travel a breeze.
her sweet face, girl's world
►►► Committed to staying cute x
vintage fair, indoor fun
►►► Stuff yourself crazy at a vintage fair! It was super fun to browse through history I became aware of the minute my nostrils had their share. But it was really worth the wait.   

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  1. That's my little girl - thank you for sharing all the fun we've been trough.

    1. You're so welcome! There's more to come! xx