by - Tuesday, June 24, 2014

animal world, circus, horses, medrano
circus, family fun, medrano
magicians rule
elephants and other animals
animal world, circus

After all that cross-country traveling we finally got to enjoy some time in one place, part of it being an array of colour and amazement - a circus! To add intrigue to the whole experience you'll know without guessing who was most excited (excluding the bunch of animals of course). We snapped the tickets up as soon as we stumbled upon the posters announcing the biggest circus in Europe visiting town we were staying in. It was so fun to watch a small dark space transformed through light that bounced around magically to my camera lens' delight and Nadia's enormous surprise. We have a serious love for wild animals but we don't see them as often as we would prefer. So any chance to enjoy their presence is snapped right up. We had my mum-in-law by our side and my cousin right near and I'll tell you this, it is that time I value more than anything else.

►►► Nadia thought this trip would be so rad and it surely was. Soon all of that will happen again. x

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  1. Your dream came true finally - a circus full of wild beasts! I bet you had fun :)

    1. I really did and so did Nadia but it will definitely be my last circus experience. People can have fun without involving animals in it, don't they?